(f)itness – yoga and the other Rodney

20 01 2013

Running has been my excercise of choice for the last few years.  Some of the reasons I’ve grown to love it are:

  • I can run with my friend and catch up on the day
  • It’s something I never thought I could do
  • It’s invigorating to go a long distance
  • It’s outside and I love being outside
  • It’s easy; as in it doesn’t require a lot of equipment

In September of 2011, I started having pain and inflammation over the area where I had screws and plates in my left ankle.  On November 5, 2011 I ran the Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon and finished with a PR.  On November 11, 2011, I had surgery to remove the screws and plates I’d had for the last 11 years.  I was back on crutches for a couple of weeks and in a boot for six.  Toward the end of January 2012, I was running again!  All was well until April, 2012 when I started having a nagging pain in my right achilles.  Here we are in January 2013 and I still have that nagging pain along with a nice knot over my achilles.  I’m hoping to still run the Tybee Half Marathon in 2 weeks.  It will NOT be a PR.  My goal is to finish…sigh.  Side note – I do have an appointment to have some Active Release Therapy done in February, so I’m hopeful that will help.

The quandary I’ve found myself in is that I cannot run nearly as much as I’d like nor as much as my body needs for exercise.  I’ve rested my achilles during the week and run long on the weekends.  I’ve needed something else to keep active during the week.  Here is where the other Rodney comes in.

I’ve been learning to do yoga in my basement rec room with Rodney Yee.  He has a great beginning yoga dvd and seems to be very patient.  He probably wouldn’t be so patient if he were with me in person, but he seems quite happy with my poses when he says “good”,  although he does have to keep reminding me to have “soft eyes”.  I’ve actually learned a lot including:

  • I’m not very flexible
  • I don’t bend well
  • My hamstrings are very tight
  • Gazing over my index finger in warrior II while breathing through my broad chest and rooted through my back heel while having soft eyes is not as easy as it looks.  Blasted soft eyes!
  • I like the way I feel after 20 minutes of twisting, bending, and contorting
  • Learning to relax at the end of a workout is challenging and refreshing

So, I think I’ll keep up my morning and evening meetings with Rodney on the dvd.  My next challenge is the hour long power yoga.  I’m sure I’ll have a new list of things I’ve learned after that!

Meanwhile, the most important Rodney keeps building his grills and declining my offer to meet the other Rodney in the house.



(f)amily fun

23 09 2012

Once the nest is empty, it’s rare to have all the offspring back in our home at the same time.  In September, not only did we get everyone here at the same time, but for a period of about 4 hours, it was just our family of 5 – something that hasn’t happened in years.  We didn’t plan it, and only when we were all together sitting on the couch did we realize it.  I immediately grabbed my phone for a photo.  Nothing has changed.  Getting a normal picture of my three is slightly impossible when Ryan is one of those.  Oh, how I love that boy! Rodney is obviously no help getting them to get it together for a photo.  In fact, I believe he’s an enabler! : )

It was the weekend of our house show with Jenny&Tyler so our home had been arranged for a show with a “stage”.  Katie and Clair decided to give it a test run.  This is only one of the reasons I love my girls so much!


20 09 2012

That’s not fair!

If you’re a parent, you’ve heard those words and probably in a voice filled with indignation and quite possibly belonging to a three-year-old or a fifteen-year-old.  In the world of education that phrase is said more than it should be; by students, by parents, by teachers.

What is fair?

According to someone higher than my pay grade who has earned my great respect:

Fair comes in October – it has elephant ears

I really laughed out loud when I read that yesterday and smiled to myself at the wisdom.  In life, fairness all depends on your perspective and is highly subjective, so I’ll go with what my boss says and check out the elephant ears!

(f)ifty is the new thirty

19 09 2012

I will be your God throughout your lifetime—until your hair is white with age.  I made you, and I will care for you.    I will carry you along and save you.          Isaiah 46:4

I was thinking today about that TV show Thirty Something.  Some of you may remember it.  I was actually twenty something when it aired and would imagine what it would be like to be in my thirties.  I laughed when I thought of that.  What happened to my thirties – and my forties while I’m thinking about it?  Doesn’t matter now because apparently 50 is the new 30 since so many baby boomers are now 50 and beyond.  I’ll go with that!

In my blog absence, I turned fifty; the big 5-0.  And it didn’t bother me.  Really, it didn’t and I felt strangely proud to say I was 50.  Just so I could remember my big birthday weekend, I did this

and this

Team Sworth beasted the USMC Mud Run.  Okay beasted may be a stretch and I did end up with a black eye for my efforts, but it was an incredible experience with my three children. (Thanks Ryan for getting me over all those logs!) I can’t imagine spending a milestone birthday doing anything better.  And I’ll never do it again.  Mud Run = one and done!

I also went skydiving.  Yes, for those of you who will ask, I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane at 14,000 feet and had the ride of my life.  And I will totally do it again – in just a few weeks, actually.  I had fun watching this video again and reliving my experience.  All you have to do is enter your zipcode and come along for the ride!

Skydive Carolina Video.

Would you believe me if I told you I had never really taken risks until I was in my forties?  It’s so true.  Don’t wait that long if you’re younger than me.  What are you waiting for if you’re older than me? Take some risks.  Step big outside your comfort zone.  It’s frightening and exhilirating and it grows you.

I’ll be fifty-one soon.  Can’t wait to see what’s next!

The (F) word

15 01 2011

Don’t panic Mom…it’s not what you think!  The theme of my blog will be around (F) words that mean the most to me: Faith, Family, Friends, Fun, Fitness, and sometimes Food.  There will be some (F) words that make cameo appearances and perhaps some non (F) words that make guest appearances from time to time.  So, be on the lookout for the first (F) word coming soon.