(f)riday food find

25 01 2013

One down side to eating primal is that it’s challenging to find portable snacks/meals that don’t require refrigeration, so I’m always on the lookout for something I can stash in my desk, car, or backpack for those times that I’m famished with nothing primal in sight.

I spied this bag at Earth Fare last week.  The logo for this “trail pack” caught my eye first – The New Primal – and then I saw the subtitle: For the Modern Hunter Gatherer and knew this was something I would likely want.


A quick perusal of the front and back and I was sold.  The cost for this package was $5.99


This concoction is handcrafted in Charleston, a mere 90 minutes from home, where both my daughters live and one of my favorite cities!

I came home and read their story before I ripped open the bag and chowed down on the most delicious jerky I’ve ever eaten!  The tender, moist, perfectly spiced jerky was paired with succulent cranberries and a few almonds and cashews.  If you expect/want the stuff that bites like rawhide with cranberries that are dried and shriveled, you won’t like this at all! They have several jerky/fruit combos as well as just jerky.

It seems that they are adding retail outlets daily.  Check out their facebook page and twitter to keep up with new retail outlets as well as tastings going on.  If you can’t find them near you, order online here.  You won’t be sorry!

*Tamari sauce is soy-based, but the one used in this jerky is gluten-free and the fermentation process removes most of the anti-nutrients found in soy.




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