(f)amily – rusty’s got his grillz on

20 01 2013

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the real Rodney likes to build grills.  But not just any grills.  He builds smokers out of discarded tanks. Here are a few examples: (and yes, we name everything!)

Grill Zilla


Pigcasso – for our son who is a graphic designer

22Oct2012 039

Dr Pig – for our son-in-law who is in med school

22Oct2012 037

Pigtucky – for our son-in-law’s Dad who hails from Kentucky


Pig Zero – for his brother who works for Coca Cola

22Oct2012 011

Major Pig – for my Dad who is a retired Marine


And then THIS rolled into the yard.

Rusty 1

Sigh… I felt like all we needed were a few cars up on blocks in the yard and we’d be set!  This piece of work was quickly dubbed “Rusty”.  My engineer by day, tinkerer by night Rodney had a vision, but all I saw was another piece of junk in the yard!


Slowly Rusty began to be transformed



This the final product!



See, I told you – Rusty’s got his grillz on!  When I told Rodney that,  I thought he’d find it as funny as I did – you know grill as in the kind you cook on and grillz as in the bling worn in the mouth.  Maybe I’ve been in a middle school too long, but shoot, this grill got grillz!  Rodney just grins like I’m nuts, but I know he secretly wishes he’d come up with it! 🙂

I felt like Rusty should pay homage to his past, so I suggested his tag be framed in rusted metal.  We’d never want this blinged out star to forget his humble beginnings!



Oh, and what does Rodney do with Grill Zilla – the one he’s kept for himself?







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